Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bolo - La Luz de la Ilusión part 1 and 2

Bolo part 1 from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

Bolo part 2 from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

Reindeer from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

Elf from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

Mole from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

UPDATE 2: You can check a great making of with the full process of making the animation by clicking HERE

UPDATE: Eduardo Schaal made a great making of of the film. You can check by clicking HERE.

Breakdown: This is an AD made by Animatorio / Vetor Zero. I was responsible for modeling of the elves (one base model and three variations), the reindeer and the mole (the one writing the letter, witch was used as a base to all the others). I also model all the opening scenario (Santa's house) and the first scenario were the moles are working.
I helped the rigging department doing blendshapes for all the characters, including Santa Claus and Bolo. All the modeling was done in Maya using polygons and the UVs were done in Headus UV Layout.


Thales Eduardo Macedo said...

Que trabalho legal! Seu portfólio é muito maneiro! Tá a quanto tempo no mercado?? Parabéns!

Rubens Osorio said...

E o que acontece depois?
Ahn... quanto ao trabalho, magnífico, como sempre!!! Parabéns!!!
Mas mostra o final da história...

Daniel Moreno said...

Como eu te disse: Fantástico!

Chromi - Estevao Chromiec said...

Muito bom Alex! Fantástico!