Monday, August 04, 2008

Trakinas Fabrica

Trakinas Fabrica from Alex Liki on Vimeo.

I did some modeling, some blendshapes an a little bit of cloth simulation in this movie. I modeled of the character with the purple t-shirt, and also some machines of the factory (as the one seen in the picture). The base model I did for the boy with the purple t-shirt was used to model all the other characters from this movie.


Rubens Osorio said...

Até que enfim!!!
Eta sujeitinho difícir, sô!!!
Welcome back!!!

~*Foo*~ said...

Trakinas é bom pakas.
Sempre quis uma dessas cordinhas na janela do meu quarto pra descer mais rápido...
bjão t+++