Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I can't describe how THRILLED I am right now. My re-design of the loaded vanguard has been chosen as one of the winners. Thanks for everyone who supported me.
If you got here through the loaded newsletter you may notice that this blog is mostly in Portuguese and this might be a problem for you, so I'm planning to translate it to English.
As you can see, most of my posts are my 3D material, result of my daily work. The 2D and illustrations are my personal stuff.
I am organizing this blog a little better to make it a decent portfolio.

Thanks for visiting!

ps: I'm uploading the designs just in case you haven't seen them yet. The left one is the winner, but it will incorporate the color style of the right one.



Miru said...

congratulations, babe :}

Unknown said...

i am in love with your design. i am also very impressed with your personal and professional work. perhaps i could employ you sometime to design some work for my music project 'the spark effect.'

if you are interested, send me a message sometime at

take care and congrats!

Anonymous said...

manda ver, xelas :)
From Russia with love :D

Rubens Osorio said...

What's this? You are a winner???
Hey, that's not fair!!! Where's the champaigne, the fireworks, the press???
I want to be invited to the party!!!
Jokes apart, congrats!!!

Badah said...

Congratulations dude! kisses

Anonymous said...

Caro amigo forista...

Venho por meio desta notificá-lo que toda a comunidade R/C está insatisfeito com os resultados uma vez que o "The Head is Missing" é óbviamente superior.

Passar bem.

Unknown said...

congrats due, its a great design. you deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Jimmêê!
muito bão rapá, tu merece!